Images of Darjeeling: A Photo Essay

Darjeeling, India is a photographer's playground. Photography enthusiasts with any level of skills and any equipment will find something to inspire great photos of Darjeeling. Watch through the eye of your camera as the light gradually moves and changes, falling on the landscape, the architecture, and the people in endlessly many ways. Images of Darjeeling are always a favorite souvenir for visitors to take with them.

Thanks to web2.0, booming social media sites such as Flickr, and the creative commons online where photographers and artists choose to share their work with the public for use and replication, we have a whole new window to the travel photography world. Get lost browsing the compelling images of Darjeeling that we've collected in our galleries, and some highlighted pictures of Darjeeling that we'd like to share here.

The 21st century is an exciting time for travel photography. Before, photos of Darjeeling (and photos of everywhere) were distributed in glossy print form, on classic postcards, calendars, or tourism advertisement material. Now, pictures of Darjeeling are abundant online, for everyone to find. There are so many that the problem is sorting through them and finding the best ones out there.

We've taken some time in the creative commons of Flickr to find the best photos of Darjeeling that we are allowed to share. This photography from Darjeeling reaches impressive levels of skill, creativity, and enchantment. Enjoy our Darjeeling photo essay of the best of images from our destination, our home.

Click on each photo to see the original in Flickr and more work by that photographer. Enjoy!

A morning walk in Darjeeling:
We love this photo of Darjeeling because it really captures captures the tranquility of the early morning, as well as the bold color of the typical dress here. View original here.

Kanchanjanga peak of the Himalayas from Darjeeling
This Darjeeling photo is a perfect reminder of the extreme Himalayan majesty visible from Darjeeling. The Kanchanjanga Peak towers on the horizon of Darjeeling, its white peaks reaching beyond the clouds. View original here.

Shriya Sahana
This is another fantastic portrait photo of Darjeeling. It was taken in Nepali Keti in hills just outside of Darjeeling. View original here.

Smoke Engines
The Darjeeling Toy Train is an iconic image of Darjeeling. Here, technicians are tweaking the engine for another classic train ride. View original here.

Women Plucking Tea Leaves
In another fine portrait photo of Darjeeling, women pluck tea leaves at the Makalbari estate. Tea is a very important part of local Darjeeling culture, so tea and tea leaves are an emblem that appears in many photos and images of Darjeeling. View original here.

Tibetan Monastery
Any cityscape or architecture photo of Darjeeling is likely to focus on theĀ  Tibetan-style monasteries, which represent the rich Buddhist traditions and customs in Darjeeling. View original here.

In addition to this collection of fine Darjeeling photography, you can visit our own gallery of Darjeeling photos. You can even help us build our own collection by getting in contact.