Weather in Darjeeling

Darjeeling's climate is most definitely its biggest drawcard! During the time of the British Raj, the Britons sought out the ‘Queen of the Eastern Himalayas' for its mild, temperate climate. Especially after the sweltering heat of Kolkata's summer, Darjeeling seemed a heavenly retreat. Today, more than a century later, it is still one of India's most favoured hill-stations, alluring tourists with its cool brisk air and clear skies. Darjeeling has five distinct seasons in a year - summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and spring. Check out our six-day Darjeeling weather forecast below to find out the latest temperatures in Darjeeling.

Summer - the months from April to June - is probably the best time to visit Darjeeling. It affords tourists perfect opportunities for indulging in numerous water sports, rock-climbing, hiking and camping. The maximum temperature in Darjeeling never crosses 20°C, making the place perfect for vacationing. The nights are relatively colder and temperature could drop as low as 8.5°C.

Summer is followed by the monsoon. Lasting from July to August, this season's torrential downpours are notorious for the landslides that they cause. This is probably not the best time to visit; tourists are often frustrated by the roadblocks that wreak havoc to all their plans.

Autumn - lasting from September to November - is also a good time to visit. The intermittent showers and falling leaves lend to the romantic ambience of a town preparing for winter.

Winters in Darjeeling are pretty extreme with temperatures hovering between 5 °C to 7 °C, and sometimes dropping to as low as -2 °C. The long hard winter is followed by Darjeeling's most charming season - spring! Lasting from February to March, this season is replete with scenic wonders and makes for a memorable vacation.

Six-day forecast (Details)°F | °C
Dec 11
Hi:  21°C
Lo:  9°C
Dec 12
Hi:  20°C
Lo:  10°C
Dec 13
Hi:  21°C
Lo:  10°C
Dec 14
Hi:  21°C
Lo:  11°C
Dec 15
Hi:  19°C
Lo:  8°C
Dec 16
Hi:  20°C
Lo:  8°C