About Us

Namaste! Welcome to Darjeeling!

This Darjeeling hotels and tours online booking service is proudly operated by Navin Tamang, along with the team at Tathagata Journeys. Navin is born and bred in Darjeeling, and love sharing the secrets of his home with those who want to discover something extraordinary. Just like you, our curious traveller, we have a deep love for travel and everything that comes with it - discovering new places and cultures, meeting new people, and gaining meaningful experiences.

We provide soft adventures Darjeeling tours like treks, mountain biking and short urban walking trips. We also offer off the beaten track holiday packages, rural tourism and remote farmstay and homestay programs. And yes, we also take people to the popular tourist spots. We try to be different in our itineraries by providing value add-ons like cooking classes to learn local cuisine, interactions with self help groups, or visits to village schools. Apart from staying in hotels in Darjeeling, we also invite travellers to visit and stay in organic farms and the homes of local farmers. The options are endless in Darjeeling.

Sustainable Travel

'Tathagata' is the name given to Lord Buddha, it means, 'The one who has found the truth'. We at Tathagata Journeys deeply believe that travel business can only be sustained through awareness and responsibility - to oneself, the community, and environment. Our journeys should be ethical and responsible; it is only through this that we can hope to see what the world has to offer for a longer period of time.

Sustainability for Tathagata Journeys is more about awareness and spreading the awareness. It's about spreading this feeling of responsibility, nurturing it and developing it into a habit. It's about locals taking responsibility for their place, environment and culture, and travellers sharing that same respect.

Environmentally, we make sure all tours and treks are done with minimal impact on the natural environment, and we do not promote activities that hamper or destroy it. We promote cultural awareness by educating our travellers about the local customs-- from dressing sense to photography manners and household traditions. On the other hand, we also help train local homes to cater to travellers' needs through small adjustments like installing western toilets or learning their food habits. We prefer that our guides are trained and knowledgeable enough to pass this message across to their guests. We also have written documents for the travellers on awareness and responsible travel ethics.

Awareness being the key to all - it's about opening people's eyes about different things. This is our vision, this is our responsibility.

We are Tathagata Journeys, your local connection to Darjeeling!