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Namaste and Welcome to Darjeeling!

With snow-capped mountains mulling silently under an azure blue sky as trails of smoke from chimneys waft thoughtfully into the cool mountain air, Darjeeling is the biggest drawcard of West Bengal, and rightly so! Offering good value Darjeeling hotels and opportunities for exploration and adventure, this stunning hill station is surrounded by dramatic mountain ridges, peaceful tea plantations, and beautiful vistas of the Himalayas.

Whatever your bill of fare, Darjeeling has something to woo you with!

In Darjeeling, the serene and the lively are never far apart, blending seamlessly to present a town that is as captivating today as it was way back in 1829 when it mesmerized two British ‘sahibs' so much so that they convinced the King of Sikkim to hand over the town to them.

The name Darjeeling is commonly believed to be a British adaptation of Dorje Ling (the name of a shrine atop the hill) meaning the ‘abode of the thunderbolt'. Around this shrine, emerged a little town that drew its roots from India, Nepal and Sikkim. The Tibetan and Nepali influence are strong in Darjeeling and it is not uncommon for travellers to wonder if they really are in India.

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The town is replete with natural wonders and there are enough mountains and water bodies to make adventure sports like water rafting, rock-climbing and ballooning a distinct possibility.

Darjeeling enchants all kinds of tourists and there is a lot to see and do in Darjeeling. Chugging into the little town from Siliguri or the NJP aboard the toy train is definitely a romantic experience and not something you should miss. The toy train or DHR, a relic of the colonial years, is one of the few steam engines remaining in the world. In 1999, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The town is a bustling hive of activity and offers any number of eateries, shopping malls and bazaars. You can use our map of Darjeeling to find your bearings and also choose a hotel in Darjeeling based on its location. To get acquainted with the local culture, take a locally led Darjeeling tour or take a trip to the local bazaars. Tibetan artefacts, organic tea, bamboo umbrellas and thangkas are all-time favourites from Darjeeling.

You may also want to try the quintessential cuisine of the town. The most popular food in Darjeeling among tourists is the delicious steamed momo, consisting of an outer wrapping of dough and an inner filling of meat, cheese or cabbage.

Added to this, Darjeeling's irresistibly mild climate justifies its prestigious title as the ‘Queen of the Eastern Himalayas'. Snugly perched in the ample lap of the Himalayas, Darjeeling's climate is perhaps its most powerful trump card. Summer and spring are perfect bliss, and tourists from across the world travel to Darjeeling from February to June. If you prefer to visit when the town is not quite so ‘touristy', you could consider a trip in autumn.

Book your accommodation in Darjeeling with us! Whether looking for budget or luxury hotels in Darjeeling or a unique Darjeeling tour, TraveltoDarjeeling.com is your first ticket to a magical stay in Darjeeling, India.

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Himalayan Organic Farmstay (Tathagata Farm) and Community Homestays is an ideal place to explore and experience life in a rural farming community. Located at a village named 'Mineral Spring', there are two traditionally designed huts with attached bath with balcony and also recently launched Deluxe Tents with attached bathroom & balcony to enjoy the hospitality of the Himalayan village at Tathagata Farm.

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Classic Guest House was originally known as Dant Kothi, named after the dental clinic it actually was years ago. Now it has been brilliantly converted into this simple guesthouse. The original owners were the Smith Brothers and it was also known as Smith Villa.

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Singalila Jungle Lodge is located in the fringe of the Singalila National Park and the lodge is spread across 9 acres of lush green forests with no hustle and bustle.The rooms are made in traditional nepelese style with attached bathrooms. The lodge looks out to a spectacular view of Rimbick and the Singalila National Park.

This is an ideal place for the travellers who would love to be close to the nature and also for the ones who would like to do the Singalila/Sandakphu Trekking.

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Jangbeer Daju Homestay is owned and managed by Jangbeer Daju. He was the first to accept the initiative from Tathagata Journeys. The simple and basic accommodation is one of its kinds, a true peek into the lifestyle of the farmer's life and family.

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Himalayan Vacation Resort (Homestay) is a Property owned by Mr. Tilak Rai and is ideally located in the heart of Bannock Burn Tea Estate which is approximately 13 km away from Darjeeling town. A family home turned into a Homestay it provides travelers with 9 comfortable & well furnished double bed rooms with all necessary facilities. Previously it was also known as New Harkashova Homestay.


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If short day hike is your thing, then we offer you “Dwelling down the valley”. A day hike to the edge of the hills and down the valley with gushing streams and through the canopy of evergreen trees. To add more value to your experience, we have included a Village Homestay, so interact and share your experiences over a hot cup of local brew and enjoy short walks and long talks with your local guide.

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If you think Darjeeling gives you the grand experience of living in the mountains then wait till you reach Sandakphu and realize the ultimate grandeur of life in the high mountains where nature is at her pristine best. Of course you will have to make an effort and trek uphill to experience this ‘top of the world’ feeling but surely it is worth all the effort.

Located at an altitude of 3,636m, Sandakphu is the highest peak of the Singalila Ridge or infact in the entire state of West Bengal; no doubt you will have the most visually stimulating view here. Four out of the five highest mountains in the world Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu and Lhotse, all these peaks appear at the horizon and baffle your eyes. The grandeur of snow capped mountains, battalions of colorful wild flowers like primulas, rhododendron, magnolias, orchids and many other sub-alpine flowers, the melodic chirp of birds filling the air and the fresh green smell will elate all your senses.

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Himalayan Organic Farmstay (Tathagata Farm) and Community Homestays is an ideal place to explore and experience life in a rural farming community. Located at a village named 'Mineral Spring', there are two traditionally designed huts with attached bath with balcony and also recently launched Deluxe Tents with attached bathroom & balcony to enjoy the hospitality of the Himalayan village at Tathagata Farm.

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Welcome to Darjeeling!

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This Darjeeling hotels and tours online booking service is proudly operated by Pravin and Navin Tamang, along with the team at Tathagata Journeys. We are born and bred in Darjeeling, and we love sharing the secrets of our home with those who want to discover something extraordinary. Just like you, our curious traveller, we have a deep love for travel and everything that comes with it - discovering new places and cultures, meeting new people, and gaining meaningful experiences.


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